Non-Combustible Mantels: What Are They?

What's The difference?

Non-Combustible Mantels, or concrete mantels, are a great option for homeowners who want to hang a mantel lower than a typical wood mantel. Non-Combustible Mantels are made out of concrete products in order to withstand the heat from wood and gas fireplaces. Our mantels can be custom made to order, with a variety of sizes and colors available. We hand make our mantels to replicate the natural beauty of traditional wood mantels. 

The amazing benefit about concrete mantels is that they are hollow, lighter than solid concrete and with the right help, easy to install! Non-combustible mantels allow homeowners to place their mantels closer to the fireplace. This is a great option for redirecting heat away from mounted TV’s or artwork!

Fire Code Disclaimer

Please consult any building codes that may apply where you live and check your fireplace owners manual for more specific installation instructions. 

Our Custom Mantel Options

To see all of our custom non-combustible mantel options and pricing, please visit our Non-Combustible Mantels page on our website.

Call us at (218) 525 – 6360 to order your custom non-combustible mantel today! Visit our showroom and talk to our expert sales team, we’ll help you create the mantel of your dreams!