Reclaim your lost time and revenue!

Most contractors can relate that unresponsive, unreliable, and unhelpful suppliers make your job harder. Not only do these issues lead to headaches, but also to lost revenue! When a supplier’s oversight, sluggishness, or lack of knowledge results in delays, missed deadlines, and cost overruns; the lost revenue and damaged reputation are YOUR [the contractors]’s burden to bear. At Great Lakes Stone, we pride ourselves on providing customer service that’s second to none, with the overarching goal: To help our contractor’s business thrive.

Here’s some ways we can help improve your business:

Client Selections – Cut your time walking customers through selecting materials out of the equation. Send your customer into our store where our knowledgeable staff will guide them through the material selection process.

Take-off Services – We can help save time on your bidding process by taking the time to help do a digital takeoff of your next project.

Manufacturer Resources – Part of having access to the highest quality materials affords us the highest quality manufacturer resources. Things like retaining wall engineered drawings*, installation plans and cross sections, spec sheets & product data, manufacturer rep lunches and visits are just a few benefits you’ll enjoy by working with us.

Friendly, knowledgeable, and diligent staff – Our friendly staff is trained to use every available resource to find you the products you’re looking for, and answer the questions you have. Even if that means in calling in experts or receiving new training to provide you the answers you need.

Affordable Prices – We do everything in our power to provide you with pricing that helps you win more bids!

Call us today or click below to stop wasting precious time, valuable resources, and money on inferior supply chains!

Rock Solid Service. Rock Solid Selection.

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