Great Lakes Stone is proudly partnered with Duluth, Minnesota’s own Blue Flame Firewood, LLC. We offer access to Blue Flame Firewood’s full product selection including Kiln Dried Cut and Split Firewood

Blue Flame Firewood carries a wide selection of firewood including oak, birch, maple, and ash. And they can source and process other species of wood upon request for you to use heat your home or business.

Delivery – Blue Flame Firewood is setup to deliver your wood, your way. They have a fleet of vehicles capable of hauling by the cord, multiple cords, face cord, bagged in 1/6th cord canvas bags, and firewood picked up by the cord or scoop at their Duluth, MN/Rice Lake Township location.

Need firewood processed at you home or business location? The operation is mobile! Contact Blue Flame Firewood to inquire about bringing the Firewood Processor to you!

Kiln Drying! – Their custom made firewood kiln allows for lightning fast dry times to keep up with your demand. It also helps to eliminate pesky critters while giving you the best burning fuel to heat your space.

Convenient location! – If you’d rather pickup your firewood, Blue Flame Firewood is conveniently located for picked up firewood on the corner of Rice Lake Road and Martin Road in Duluth, Minnesota directly Adjacent to Great Lakes Stone!

Call Blue Flame Firewood, LLC at (218) 721 – 7551, visit, or email to inquire about their firewood, firewood processing, and firewood delivery in Duluth, MN!