16 Landscape Ideas for Water Features

Dream of landscaping your yard with rock and water? Great Lakes Stone can help you create the rock and water landscape of your dreams. Click here to see the examples of 16 Landscape Ideas for Water Features. These ideas will help you get started on what you might want to do with your yard.

Stone Definitions

Flagstone, Steppers, Veneers, Full Veneer, Thin Veneer, Façade, Wainscot. What are the meanings of all of these? Some people can become confused when talking about their projects, and the contractor or the supplier may end up installing the wrong product, because their definition is different from the homeowner! Great Lakes Stone is committed to serving …

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Wall Preparation

Depending on the size of your wall, you may need a permit if you are in the city limits, check with your local building officials. Determine where your wall is going to be installed, using a hose or string laid out on the ground to get a visual idea what shape you want. If you …

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Paver Preparation

To install concrete pavers for a walkway or patio, install over a packed base material. The prep work is the most important part of your walkway or patio. First, excavate approx 6” of soil from the area that you are going to apply the pavers. Install approx. 5” of crushed Limestone, or a Class 5 …

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Flagstone Preparation

There 3 common ways to install Flagstone… over concrete, commonly called “wet-set”, over a packed base material, and directly on the ground. Wet Set For a wet set application, the concrete base needs to be in place, and you apply stone using an exterior thinset material, or a mortar with polymer added to repel water, …

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DIY: Stone Veneer

The best advice I can give Do-It-Yourselfers, is to hire a professional! We have had lots of customers ask us about problems they have encountered, and expect an answer… there are too many variables. We cannot cover every situation… we have to assume a certain level of competency. For example, a common thing we hear …

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