Costly Mistakes

A reputable company built a chimney. They used Tyvek, then installed mesh and stone over that. They said… “It would have probably been a “LITTLE” less expensive to just add the weep system, instead of tearing down a chimney because it rotted out.

Think about what that must have cost! Mobilize a crew, with a boom truck, tearing it down, rebuilding it, putting stone on it, (again), praying it don’t rain, fixing any leak stains inside, all the clean up! And the total weep system would have cost less than $150.00, installed! Sorta, kinda costly, I think!

What they should have used is DD Paper, and , at about a $1.00 per sq ft, it’s cheap insurance.


And here’s another mistake to watch out for: below are some pics that show what happens when a builder does not use a weather barrier…mold, rot, and the product literally falls off the wall. Don’t let this happen to you. Take the extra steps, spend the extra money. It will save you in the long run.


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