Bulk Rock Products

Great Lakes Stone Supply carries a variety of bulk rock products. We have various sizes and colors available to you! Come visit our yard to see all options in person.

Our Bulk Stone

1.5 inch Bluestone

1.5 inch bluestone is a dark blue-gray that is relatively small and can vary in shape leaning to more angular and jagged. This size range allows for easy handling and placement while still providing a visually appealing texture and aesthetic.

1.5 inch MN Washed River Rock

1.5 inch MN washed river rock entails a blend of various colors of rock that are more rounded in nature due to the washing process. Colors vary from white, gray, red, cream, and blue-gray.

1.5 inch Washed Crushed Rock

1.5 inch washed crushed rock is similar to washed river rock but has also been through a crushing process to produce more angular and natural rock formations. Colors vary from light gray, dark gray, red, and cream.

12 inch Minus Bluestone Rip Rap

12 inch minus bluestone rip rap is a larger stone typically used to protect shoreline structures against scour and water, wave, or ice erosion. Colors vary from light blue-gray to dark blue-gray.

12 - 24 inch Bluestone Boulders

12 – 24 inch bluestone boulders vary in size, between 12 and 24 inches. This stone is typically used in a similar manner to 12 inch minus bluestone rip rap, preventing erosion. Colors vary from dark blue-gray with white specks.

3 - 6 inch Fieldstone

3 – 6 inch fieldstone are larger palm sized rocks that have a more rounder appearance. With each stone being unique in size and color, it’s perfect for pathways, gardens, or walls. Colors vary from a mix of gray, red, and blue-gray.

6 - 12 inch Fieldstone

6 – 12 inch fieldstone is the same as 3 – 6 inch fieldstone but larger. Colors vary from a mix of gray, red, and blue-gray.

WI River Rock 1.5 inch

WI river rock 1.5 inch is perfect for any landscaping or construction needs. This rock is round and asymmetrical in nature and comes in a mixed variety. Colors vary from light gray, dark gray, and red. 

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